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Palazzo della Gran Guardia

Piazza Bra, 1
Verona, VR 37121 – Italy

Just across Piazza Bra from the Arena, the majestic Gran Guardia Palace is one of Verona’s most important historic buildings. Today a popular venue for exhibitions and cultural events, the palace had been used for various military purposes for centuries. This enormous palace was designed in the early 17th century by Domenico Curtoni, but work was not completed until the mid-19th century under Giuseppe Barbieri. The facade combines elements of two different historical periods—baroque and neoclassical—with a row of arches on the ground floor that mirror those of the Roman amphitheater on the opposite side of the square. Originally intended as a covered space for soldiers to train in inclement weather, the palace also served as temporary housing for the Austrian military during Italy’s first struggle for independence in 1848.
Palazzo della Gran Guardia is open to the public only for exhibitions or other events like art shows and Vinitaly, Verona’s wine conference.