Dr Elisabetta Traggiai PhD
Executive Director Mechanistic Immunology Unit, Novartis Biologics
Center (NBC), Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research
Basel | Switzerland

Basic Bio:

Human Immunology and specifically the miracle of how the immune system is equipped with memory has been my major passion during the last 15 years. Our body can be considered a sophisticated antibody factory and understanding how these antibodies are generated against pathogen but also against our own self structures leading to potential pathological conditions is a key question of my group in NIBR. I have been exploiting different ways to investigate human immunological memory using in vitro cellular system, which allowed us to develop expertise’s and knowledge in all the classical immunological technologies. Basic immunology questions are relevant for any type of biotherapeutic modalities, ranging from monoclonal antibodies, gene therapy to CAR T cells therapy.

Areas of Interest:

Immunological memory in autoimmunity, infectious diseases and oncology. Exploiting the immune system and learning from immune dysregulated patients which are the immunological mechanisms responsible for damage and/or protection.