Prof. Ken Smith
Cambridge University
Cambridge | UK

Ken Smith is Professor of Medicine and Head of the Department of Medicine at the University of Cambridge.. Ken trained in nephrology and clinical immunology in Melbourne, and completed his PhD at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. He is a Wellcome Trust Investigator, leads an MRC Programme, was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2006, and was awarded the Lister Institute Research Prize in 2007. His laboratory studies immunological mechanisms underlying immune-mediated disease and immunodeficiency in humans, most recently through involvement in the NIHR BioResource Rare Diseases Primary immunodeficiency programme. The lab also runs a translational program in autoimmune disease (particularly SLE, vasculitis and IBD) that has led to the discovery of a prognosis-predicting biomarker entering clinical trials, and to the identification of new pathways driving disease outcomes in autoimmunity and infection. By integrating human and animal studies and using advanced bioinformatic methodology, the laboratory tries to explore fundamental immunological mechanisms that are relevant to human disease, and to translate these results into applications of direct benefit to patients.