Dr. Roberta Magliozzi PhD
Dipartimento di Scienze Neurologiche
Azienda Ospedaliera
Università di Verona
Verona, Italy

Since 2000, in collaboration with Dr. F. Aloisi at Istituto Superiore di Sanità of Roma (Italy), Dr. Magliozzi paid particular attention to the inflammatory response and the role of ectopic lymphoid-like structures in the meningeal compartment of experimental MS animal models. Then in 2004 she started a long period of internship in the UK MS Tissue Bank at Imperial College London (UK) where in 2006 she started the PhD under the supervision of Prof. R. Reynolds and post-mortem MS tissues and in the intrathecal inflammation generated in the cerebrospinal fluid analysis of MS patients. This with the main aim to identify possible neuroimmunological mechanisms involved in multiple sclerosis and potential new biomarkers MS progression, as at the moment there are no effective treatment for the progressive stages of the disease. When Dr. Magliozzi came back to Italy (2010) she obtained a “Young Investigator Grant” from the Italian Minister of Health that helped her to establish in Italy combined approach of neuroimmunology and neuropathology research and allowed her to achieve the first Progressive MS Alliance (PMSA) grant in collaboration with Prof. M. Calabrese. This grant allowed her to consolidate her research in the Dept of Neuroscience of the University of Verona, where she obtained the Senior Assistant Professor position (RTDB, Tenure Track) in 2022, in particular to translate all the results of basic neuroimmunology to the finding of new biomarkers and imaging tools to apply to the clinical practice to early detect patients at high risk of progression and disability.