Invitation letter

Dear Colleagues,

Mark your calendar and join us in Trieste: we invite you to participate in the XXVII Congress of AINI, which will be held on May 7-10, 2018.

Inspired by a city that bridges different cultures and sciences, and by the celebrations for the 40th Anniversary of Trieste’s International School of Advanced Studies (SISSA), which focuses on Physics and Neurosciences, our meeting this year aims at fostering synergies and creating bridges between Neuroimmunology and other research fields. This effort will engage both the translational and the basic science components of our community.

All too often we face the difficulties of advancing our research up to the point of delivering its full potential. To overcome these limits, we must improve our capacity to cooperate with other key stakeholders (e.g. patient-advocacy organizations and industry), in order to broaden our horizons and to ensure the best returns for all, individually and as a group. To explore this theme, in the first half of the Meeting our usual contributions will be intersected by Keynote Lectures, which will highlight known and new synergies among different stakeholders and different diseases and will explore how this interaction may change research strategies and funding models.

Scientific advancement often comes from unexpected convergences between different research fields. Participating in the celebrations of SISSA’s Anniversary will provide us the opportunity to look, in the second half of the Meeting, at cutting edge methods and technologies that may enrich our approach to neuroimmunological research and open up new opportunities for collaborations.

We think that both tracks represent leaps into the future. As such, special attention will be devoted to the involvement of young scientists in the discussions. AINI has issued a generous number of travel grants (including free registration for biomedical university students of Friuli Venezia Giulia), with the dream that a new generation of researchers may start with innovative ideas.

We look forward to welcoming you in Trieste,

Clara Ballerini
Marco Salvetti

Scientific Organizers