About Trieste

The cosmopolitan city of Trieste, where different cultures, religions, languages and ethnic groups meet, assumes entirely the role of «bridge town» it has always played between Western, Eastern and Central European countries. The city is rich of history, literature and art, from the Roman era to medieval wonders, to the Habsburg splendour. It was occupied by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire then by Italy and by Jugoslavia. The wealth of architectural styles in the palaces in Trieste is remarkable: Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Eclectic and Baroque, coexisting in a harmonious blend with Roman remains, eighteenth century buildings and Habsburg style buildings.

Trieste is located in northeastern Italy, bordering Slovenia, and is the capital of the autonomous region Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Trieste province. Since it is situated at the head of the Gulf of Trieste, a shallow bay of the Adriatic Sea, it serves as an important seaport in the region, of strategic importance since the second half of the nineteenth century.

Its Iconic central square – Italy’s largest sea-facing squre in all of Europe – is wide open to the Adriatic. The view is absolutely stunning with its six white palaces. The central building, Palazzo del Municipio, is the Trieste’s 19th-century Town Hall.

There’s a special relationship between Trieste and coffee, which has been producing there for more than two centuries. Many writers and poets like Svevo, Joyce and Saba used to spend their days sitting in cafés. Taking a coffee break in one of the historical cafes of Trieste is a real ritual that is absolutely not to be missed and whose appeal has spread even through word of mouth.

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How to get to Trieste


A4 Torino – Trieste motorway
A23 Tarvisio – Udine – Palmanova motorway and then A4
SS15 via Flavia from border Rabuiese (Muggia)
SS58 from border Fernetti

Railway routes:
Trieste – Gorizia – Udine
Trieste – Monfalcone – Cervignano – Venezia

Aeroporto Friuli Venezia Giulia
Ronchi dei Legionari (Go) – Trieste
Trieste Regional Airport, 33 Km from Trieste

Venice International Airport
120 km from Trieste
bus routes and shuttle buses connect the airport to Venice-Mestre train station

Treviso International Airport
145 km from Trieste
bus routes and shuttle buses connect the airport to the railway station of Venice-Mestre and Treviso.

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